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Welcome! This site is under construction, please be patient! Thanks for your understanding.

First of all:

The author

It's me, no duh. I'm not much of a fan of telling the internet about my life, so don't expect any of that. However, I will tell you that I am very interested in technology fields. I like making graphics and photo manipulations, though I don't excel at that. I was also somewhat recently introduced to programming thanks to my friend Zale, and I like that as well. Finally, I like making websites. This site is entirely hand-written, mostly with vim. This brings me to my last point, Linux. It's awesome. Nothing more can be said.

Nota Bene

Before you dive in to this mysterious Realm Of Life, please take a minute to read this measly paragraph. It contains important information that will hopefully dissuade you from sending me useless comments and flaming me ^^. So lets get started. All of this code is hand-written in Vim (the leet's text editor (no wait I don't want to go into this text editor trol, I have nothing against emacs -- okay maybe a little but then ed is the standard text editor)), which does not have a spell-check built in, and since most of this is written late at night there are certainly many spelling and grammatical errors on this site. If you spot one, please do not flame me, instead, write me a nice little email with a little erratum -- that would be very much appreciated thanks. Moreover, there may be some bugs or faily links around this site, it's still in construction though so forgive me. And don't forget to change the skin (in the footer) if you don't want to load the huge background image all the time.

Other subtleties

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